In 1997, two friends started TCR, Inc. in a 4,000 square foot facility. Machining complicated parts with tight tolerances became the accepted norm and is now a routine component of our operations.   Sacrifice, ethics, and excellent business practices transformed a once small business with a handful of manual machines into a multi-million dollar company that continually demonstrates its stature.




TCR, Inc. now incorporates a 25,000 square foot shop in Northwest Houston that utilizes more than 20 machines.  We strive for excellence through employing experience and talent, utilizing mechanical advances and implementing new technology. Recent and continual software upgrades in our shop and offices strengthen our capabilities to provide quality in a timely manner.  By recently acquiring two new machines, we increased the size of our CNC work capabilities being performed in the shop. We look forward to serving new customers and gaining their respect by corroborating loyalty and craftsmanship.


BIG Future:


It is our projection to double in size and sales by 2017. We ultimately intend to incorporate lasers and magnets in our machining which will streamline setups and make production more efficient. We have begun training new youthful employees ensuring our methods for success perpetuate into the coming years. Our objective is to maintain customer service, quality, and integrity for generations.



When deadlines are a must, consider allowing TCR, Inc. to meet your machining needs. It is our business to guarantee excellence and aspiration to become an eminent step in your success!