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Machining Big Parts


At TCR we love to think BIG! Since we’ve been in business we’ve machined big parts for some of the most recognizable names in Oil & Gas, Energy / Power Generation, Space / Aviation and Research & Development. We’ve developed our shop to be versatile when it comes to large CNC machining and our combination of both manual and CNC mills, lathes and VTL’s allows for BIG possibilities.

Picking The Wrong Shop Hurts

When you order a big part from a shop that only has small machines, you could face delays and disappointment. They may get the job done with a small 4 axis mill, but meeting your timeline and tolerances is difficult to do without the right equipment.

Our Houston Shop Does It Right

We invite you to use a shop that requires 10 years of machining experience before even accepting job applications. A machine shop that has rows of CNC mills, lathes and VTLs of all sizes, and machinists that have mastered how to use them.

It’s a no brainer, but why not go with the shop that’s first choice for companies that need big parts with tight tolerances.

The TCR Promise

TCR is trusted by some of the most recognizable names in the various industries that require big parts for a reason. Order a part, send us a drawing, or allow our skilled drawing experts to create a 3d model from a sample, and our skilled machinists will use the right machines to create the exact part you need.

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