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Turn-key Machining Solutions


Not many machine shops can provide a turn-key solution, but it’s something we specialize in. TCR is your one-stop Houston machine shop. We can handle everything from purchasing material for your order to machining, cutting, grinding, welding, coating, fabrication and assembly.

Picking The Wrong Shop Hurts

Using a shop that can’t handle the entire manufacturing process your part requires creates extra work for you. Not only do you have to worry about logistical nightmares, but it may take longer and cost more. When you don’t want to risk it and need a shop that can do it all, you need TCR.

Our Houston Shop Does It Right

TCR completes projects faster, within budget, and without the added risk of logistics errors thanks to our turnkey Houston machine shop. We have multiple CNC mills, lathes, and VTLs under our roof to machine parts of any size, along with a Faro Edge Portable CMM arm to make sure every part meets the strictest tolerances.

The TCR Promise

Have the peace of mind knowing that when you place an order at our Houston machine shop  you’ll get the part you ordered done right the first time... And delivered on-time thanks to our turn-key capabilities.

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