ISO 9001:2015 ABS #54215

Looking for Quality Compressor Components in Houston?

Houston’s a melting pot of innovation. It’s home to refineries, research facilities, and space exploration companies who need parts fast to continue pushing what’s possible.

In addition to prototype machining and turbine component repairs, these companies also need compressor work. And they choose TCR Inc. because our ISO 9001:2015 Certified shop is always fast and accurate.

Your First Move is the Most Important

A compressor component fails without warning. What do you do?

If you call a random shop who isn’t experienced in making leak-proof seals, piston rods with multiple coatings, and other complicated compressor components, you’re taking an enormous risk.

Our Machinists Will Save The Day

TCR Inc. has machined difficult parts for decades and continues to do whatever it takes to make every customer happy.

A large portion of compressors are German built, so getting the original material can take months, but our extensive knowledge allows us to find similar material that meets hardness, temperature, and other requirements. This will dramatically reduce downtime for you.

Here are three more reasons to buy complicated parts from TCR Inc.

Let’s Recap

  • A compressor component fails
  • You send a drawing and spec sheet to TCR Inc.
  • We quickly match the materials and send you a quote
  • You like what you see and sign off
  • You receive the exact part, when you need it
  • Everyone is happy

Get what you need at TCR Inc. Contact us Today!

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