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Your Space Exploration Machine Shop

Houston is Space City. And our Houston machine shop has the talent, the capabilities and the experience to take your space exploration company to new heights.

As leading space exploration companies are racing to innovate, TCR is ready to jump on board and help make history. The following blog highlights why TCR is the right choice.

We’re In Your Backyard

On July 30th, 2015 it was announced that the city of Houston will be home to the 10th licensed commercial spaceport in the United States. Houston Spaceport will be the hub for space exploration in the state of Texas and is only 40 mins from our Houston machine shop.

With astronaut training at NASA, this new launch pad at Ellington airport, and the valuable resources this city has to offer, Houston will be a key player in the space industry for the foreseeable future.

At TCR, we’re not only in the right location to work with various space exploration companies that are flocking to our city, but we have the experience to meet the tight tolerances these companies require.

Skilled At Machining Rocket Sized Parts

A shop with a large enough budget can buy the necessary mills & lathes required to machine rocket parts. but when you’re investing billions of dollars, you deserve a shop that has the right equipment AND the right machinist behind it.

At TCR, you need 10 years of machine shop experience to make it to the first interview. To actually get the job you need to be an artistic mathematician with an extreme attention to detail. By hiring the right individuals, TCR completes the most difficult short-runs with the highest level of quality, on time, every time.

Ability To Work Fast

You can’t wait months for a part during a space race. You need a machine shop that’s fast and accurate. While we haven't reached light speed yet, our turnaround time on short-runs is one of the best in the industry. That’s why space exploration companies trust our work.

Contact us and give your rocket a boost.

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