ISO 9001:2015 ABS #54215

Tight Tolerances


At TCR we don’t just push buttons, we do the math. All of our Machinists and CAD / CAM Programmers are seasoned professionals with decades of knowledge that make them able to meet the most demanding orders with precision. Our shop has the capability to deliver some of the strictest tolerances as low as ±.0005”. Rest assured that when your job needs precision parts your order with TCR will meet the mark.

Picking The Wrong Shop Hurts

You find a shop that’s local, send them your drawings and get a part back on-time. You deliver it to the field, start putting it together and discover that the seams are out of tolerance. Now you have to wait on getting a new part which causes issues. The extra time pushes you over budget, and your investors start to feel unsure about their current involvement. You need a shop you can trust.

Our Houston Shop Does It Right

TCR hires the best machinists in the industry and invests in state of the art measuring equipment like our Faro Edge Portable CMM Arm to meet some the tightest tolerances.

Not only is your part machined right the first time, but we ensure conformance through strict quality standards before shipping so that we can guarantee it meets specifications.

The TCR Promise

Close enough will never be acceptable at our Houston machine shop. Our team is compiled of perfectionists. Not only do our machinists have pride in their work, but they have opportunity every week to improve their skills during our mandatory training sessions. When you hire TCR, your part will be in good hands.

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