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Short-Run CNC Machine Shop in Houston

For high-quality service on small-quantity parts, you need a CNC machine shop in Houston that treats every job like it’s their most important.

TCR Inc. was established in 1997 with a handful of tools, less than five machinists, and the desire to provide every client with the best service possible.

We’ve grown tremendously over the years, but have never strayed from the core values we believe in.

Here’s why you should send us your short-run:

We Have the Equipment

Short-runs often have short timeframes.

If a CNC machine shop in Houston told you they don’t have the machining capacity to squeeze in your short-run because a big order just came in, then you should have called TCR Inc.

Our shop values your business and has invested in an extensive collection of mills, lathes, and VTLs capable of turning and boring up to 78” in diameter.

You won’t have to wait in line behind clients with bigger budgets because we have enough machines for everyone. In addition to mills and lathes, we also have a FARO EDGE Portable CMM Arm with Calypso software which allows us to ensure the strictest tolerances are always met.

We Have the Expertise

An extensive collection of equipment is useless without the talent to operate it.

All of our hand-picked machinists and CAD / CAM programmers are highly-skilled professionals with over ten years of experience. They attend weekly training sessions to hone their skills and follow an ISO 9001:2015 Certified process to ensure even the most complex short-runs are completed fast and to exact specifications.

Our CNC machine shop in Houston believes in the art of machining and the importance of fine details. Close enough will never be good enough for us. Exact is the only option.

We Have the Right Attitude

Every single order that comes through our doors is appreciated because it’s what keeps our doors open.

We need you to stay in business and are going to treat you right, so you recommend our work and keep coming back. Let us go above and beyond your expectations.

Contact TCR Inc. Today and see why we’re the top short-run machine shop in Houston.

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