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What We Do


When You Need That One Part Yesterday.

Not many machine shops can provide a turn-key solution, but it’s something we specialize in. TCR Inc is your one-stop machine shop. We can handle everything from purchasing material for your order to machining, cutting, grinding, welding, coating, fabrication and assembly. Have the peace of mind knowing that when you place an order with us you’ll get the part you ordered done right the first time... And delivered on-time.

Big Parts

Got a BIG Part? Not a BIG Problem.

At TCR Inc we love to think BIG! Since we’ve been in business we’ve machined big parts for some of the most recognizable names in Oil & Gas, Energy / Power Generation, Space / Aviation and Research & Development. We’ve developed our shop to be versatile when it comes to large CNC machining and our combination of both manual and CNC mills, lathes and VTL’s allows for BIG possibilities.


Small Quantity, High Quality.

At TCR Inc we love what we do and so do our Machinists. We’re not like other machine shops that just focus on the job. We focus on the customer. That’s why we deliver the same level of quality to ALL of our jobs no matter the size or volume. If you’re in need of prototypes, reverse engineered sample parts, or just a one-off part, we can help. TCR Inc is your short-run solution.

Tight Tolerances

The Experience to Get It Exact.

At TCR Inc we don’t just push buttons, we do the math. All of our Machinists and CAD / CAM Programmers are seasoned professionals with decades of knowledge that make them able to meet the most demanding orders with precision. Our shop has the capability to deliver some of the strictest tolerances as low as ±.0005”. Rest assured that when your job needs precision parts your order with TCR Inc will meet the mark.

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