ISO 9001:2015 ABS #54215

The Pillars of Our Houston Machine Shop

Are you looking for a Houston machine shop capable of delivering consistent quality?

Do you need a partner you can trust to treat your downtime like it’s their own?

Would you appreciate a shop that’s willing to go the extra mile for every customer?

If so, TCR Inc. is the machine shop worth connecting with.

Commitment to Quality

Most service companies and end users are willing to pay a little more and wait a little longer for the perfect part. While our Houston machine shop believes in fair prices and fast turnarounds, precision always comes first.

To meet even the strictest tolerances, we hire expert machinists with over ten years of industry experience, invest in the latest tools and technology, and follow an ISO 9001:2015 Certified process designed to eliminate errors.

When our customers place an order, they trust us to deliver exactly what they need, because TCR Inc. won’t settle for subpar.

Dedication to Meeting Deadlines

When your site is down for maintenance, you need a partner who will do what you need without making excuses or forcing you to jump through hoops to receive the right part on time.

We believe in removing stress instead of adding to it, so our talented programmers and skilled machinists will craft exactly what you ask for. If we end up with something less than perfect, we’ll work around the clock to fix the error and drive through the night to deliver the part wherever it’s needed.

Simply put, our team is as talented as they are dependable and will do whatever it takes to not let you down.

Passion For Customer Service

There’s a reason we’ve been a leading Houston machine shop since 1997; we don’t just accurately fill orders, we develop lasting relationships with our customers.

Whether you’re a billion dollar company ordering a large diameter impeller hub or an individual who needs a single split ring, we promise to treat every job like it’s our most important.

Strong partnerships are built on strong foundations. It just so happens we machine those too.

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