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3 Reasons Maintenance Managers Choose TCR For Compressor Parts

We make piston rods and other difficult compressor parts for our clients working at the coastal refineries in this neck of the woods. The actual parts, while perfect, aren't the main reason maintenance managers call us.

What makes our shop different is our desire to do every job the moment it’s needed and our willingness to help you discover what’s wrong in the first place.

We’re Problem Solvers

Recently we had a customer bring us a crashed machine from out of state. They weren't sure what was wrong with it but knew they needed support. On a Saturday, we took the unit apart and began the inspection process. Working with our customer over the next week, we were able to discover all damage incurred, and facilitate the repairs necessary to bring the unit back on-line.

TCR doesn’t just machine parts. We machine solutions.

Turn-key. Even With German Specs

One of our specialties is making piston rods. These long and challenging parts require tight tolerances and often have multiple coating requirements. With us taking care of the entire process, you're not only going to save money, but you'll save time because you don't have to deal with separate vendors for each step.

We like to deal with American specs but understand a lot of compressors are European built. As a maintenance manager, if all you have are the original specs, send them. We are happy to convert!

And Have A Quick Turn-Around

You have a pretty good understanding of your facility. Sometimes you know what’s wrong, how to fix, and all you need is the compressor part.

Call TCR. We understand that when you're down, you're losing money. The moment we get the details, our turn-key shop will do everything we can not to cost you another day.

We work with a lot of service providers, and they do an excellent job, but sometimes it's faster and easier for you to work directly with a machine shop.

If you're a maintenance manager, who needs a shop to trust, Contact TCR Today!

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