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3 Signs Your Turbine Components Need TCR Inc.

Control rooms monitor gas and steam turbines 24/7 because a turbine component failure can cause severe damage and even death.

It’s a scary thought, but a part will break at some point.

Having a relationship with an ISO 9001:2015 certified shop that specializes in turbine component repair is the best remedy. Not only does a talented shop provide peace-of-mind and a reduction in downtime, but they can also help you identify the enemies.

Something is Shaking

If your machinery is vibrating, it means there’s something out of balance. This is going to put extra wear on the equipment and could lead to a bolt flying into an impeller and turning the blades to shreds.

It’s imperative to shut down the turbine and address the shaking immediately. It could need something tightened or could require a fit repair from TCR Inc.

There’s a Leak

If your car has an oil leak, there’s a good chance you’ll throw a rod, because lubrication plays such an important role. The stakes are a lot higher when a machine is cooled with hydrogen. A tiny leak and a small spark can cause a massive explosion.

If you notice a leak in a split ring or labyrinth seal, you shouldn’t call a mediocre machine shop. You need to find one willing to machine and stress relieve the part as many times as it takes to end with a seal that doesn’t move.

Our extensive stress relieving process and dedication to quality has led to some Houston companies only trusting TCR Inc. for their turbine seals.

Time has Passed

Turbines are designed to run for years without needing to be shut down and inspected, but it’s not a smart idea to ignore the manufacturer. The more often you’re able to inspect, the more likely you are to prevent failure.

Now is the perfect time to send your turbine component repairs to a shop who’s built a reputation for quality turbine parts and exceptional customer service.

Get moving and Contact TCR Inc. Today!

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