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Are You The Right CNC Machinist?

MACHINE SETUPWe don’t want an average CNC machinist because we aren’t your average machine shop. TCR is a specialty machine shop focusing on short runs, complicated parts and tight tolerances. To remain the top shop we are always looking for the top talent.

Do You Have The Experience?

To join the TCR team you need at least 10 years of machining experience. We are not a teaching shop. You need to come in on day one and know your way around CNC lathes, VTL’s, and mills. In order to maintain a safe and efficient environment, we need to have machinists that have put in the hours to learn.

Do You Have The Skill?

At TCR, every part that leaves our shop is exact because even a thousandth of an inch makes a difference. We have the tools to assist accuracy, but we are looking for talented CNC machinists who take pride in their work. Machinists that are at the top of their field will be compensated as such.

Can You Handle The Challenge?

TCR is one of the few shops in Texas that is capable of machining large, tight tolerance impellers, complicated prototypes and big parts. You have to be prepared for any order that comes through the door and be able to do the job quickly and accurately. This is a challenging job, but we will make it worth your while.

When Can You Start?

We are always searching for talented CNC machinists. If you have at least 10 years of machining experience, have the skill we need and enjoy doing challenging work, then we have a spot for you. Learn more at CNC Careers.

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