ISO 9001:2015 ABS #54215

TCR Inc. Remains on the Cutting Edge of Turbomachinery

Companies trust TCR Inc. for turbine component repairs and other turbomachinery work because of our commitment to service.

Not only do we consistently meet the strictest tolerances using an ISO 9001:2015 Certified process, but we do whatever it takes to help our customers reduce downtime—and that means staying current with the latest turbomachinery tools and trends.

By Attending Turbomachinery Events

One of our favorite ways to learn, network, and grow is to participate in events like OTC and TPS. In fact, we just returned from the 45th Turbomachinery and 32nd Pump Symposia at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.

This four-day event attracted over 5,500 people and 350 exhibiting companies from 48 countries. And TCR Inc. was in the mix.

In addition to showcasing our offering with a booth, we also had staff attend the symposium to gain insights on turbomachinery maintenance, design, and troubleshooting that they could share with the rest of the team.

Hosting In-House Trainings

Taking our already top talent to the next level requires more than a conference or two a year— it needs to be worked at weekly.

That’s why every Tuesday from 2:30-3:00 P.M all shop floor employees head to the break room for TCR Knowledge Sharing. To ensure our machinists are prepared for any job that comes through our door, we cover everything from turbomachinery speeds and feeds to fits and setups.

Speaking One-On-One with Customers

Customers look to TCR Inc. for complicated short runs, prototypes, and insights on how to machine parts that solve problems. And TCR Inc. always accepts the challenge and delivers.

It’s one thing to machine with specs; it’s another to machine with skill and passion. Our team loves what they do almost as much as they love helping customers.

When something breaks, day or night, weekend or holiday, we’ll be ready, because our dedication to providing a quality service to every customer is how we do business.

Need turbomachinery repairs? Contact TCR Inc. Today!

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