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TCR Weekly Training

TCR hires the best machinists in the industry and trains them so they continue to improve. Every Tuesday from 2:30-3:00 p.m all shop floor employees head to the break room for TCR Knowledge Sharing.

This program ensures that our machinist are prepared to handle the toughest short-runs and meet the tightest tolerances by testing their understanding and working as a team to share skills picked up over decades.

Training begins with an exam that identifies key problem areas within that week’s subject.
Subjects include:

  • Geometric dimensioning & tolerancing
  • Threads
  • Speeds & feeds
  • Fit classes
  • Reading Drawings
  • Tooling
  • Material types & characteristics
  • Lean manufacturing
  • API grooves
  • G codes
  • Serialization
  • Material handling
  • Setups
  • Program edits
  • Split ring procedures
  • Machine shop math
  • Trigonometry
  • Using measuring equipment

After the exams are graded, key problem areas are discussed in detail. Our team is composed of machinists with experience in various industries and applications, from first in the family to 4th generation. The experience requirements at TCR fills our shop with decades of machining knowledge and individuals who want to be the best.

TCR is not a school. It’s a specialty machine shop with a friendly atmosphere and 30 minutes a week devoted to improving the already top talent through TCR Knowledge Sharing. If you have the skill it takes fit with the best in the industry, and are willing to share what you know, and learn from others, apply today.

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