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3 Reasons To Buy Complicated Parts From TCR

When you need a complicated part, and you need it done right the first time, you need a machine shop in Houston with a reputation for excellence.

When our customers choose TCR, there’s more to it than our experience, skill level, and equipment capabilities. Customers want TCR for their complicated parts because they always receive the parts they need the way they need them.

Our Split Rings Fit Together Perfectly

When it comes to complicated parts, producing high-quality split rings can be problematic, to say the least.

The split rings we machine for Oil and Gas, Space and Aviation, and Research and Development companies are typically two pieces. Instead of sliding a complete ring down a large section of shaft, it’s easier to have two pieces you can fasten or bolt together in the spot it's needed.

Our seasoned machinists produce these two halves with the strictest tolerances to ensure not only that they are identical but exactly how you ordered them. In short, what are we saying?

At TCR, we can make Zero Gap Split Rings adhering to the highest quality standards for the fit you need to get the job done.

We Make Short-Run Labyrinth Seals

If your labyrinth seal is starting to degrade, you need a new one fast. Ignoring this issue can lead to bearing failures and other costly repairs.

Labyrinth seals are designed to be complicated. They work by restricting gas or working fluid in a machine by forcing it to flow in a unique path eliminating cross contamination and leaks.

The machine shop Houston trusts have made labyrinth seals and other turbine engine components for almost two decades. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified process will get you the labyrinth seals you need when you need them.

Every Part Is Guaranteed To Meet Your Drawing

We work fast and accurate because we don't have run-of-the-mill machinists. We hire and retain the most talented workers in the industry with an eye for detail and dedication to quality.

After we produce your part to exact specifications, we use our Faro Edge Portable CMM Arm to verify the measurements and perform a final test fitting to ensure your part meets your drawing not only the first time but every time.

The Final Bit

When it comes to complicated parts, we don't get skittish and start shaking in our work boots. We get excited knowing that we're getting another opportunity to make a difference on the job site and deliver a high-quality product to another satisfied customer. From labyrinth seals and split rings to 4 part hydrogen seals, we can handle every complicated part you bring us.

Contact TCR, and let the machine shop Houston trusts get you the part you need.

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