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Why TCR Inc. is the Choice for Piston Rods in Houston

You need a piston rod with multiple coatings, yesterday. The factory is giving you an unacceptable lead time, and you know your customers can’t wait. What can you do to minimize downtime?

Call the turn-key machine shop Houston trusts for complicated parts. At TCR Inc., we follow an ISO 9001:2015 certified process to get you an accurate piston rod fast. Here’s how.

We Understand Materials

Different applications require different materials. Not every metal will accept coatings, heat treatments or reach the necessary hardness needed to ensure you don’t have another failure.

Our experience working with a variety of metals and material specifications will ensure your piston rod can go through the processes required, and perform where it’s needed.

Get It Right The First Time

If you know piston rods you know these parts are critical and difficult to make. If you need a piston rod, tapered with chrome plating on one side, and straight with nitride on the other, you don’t want to risk sending it to just anyone.

One of the best ways to minimize downtime is to make the part right the first time. And TCR Inc. does that. No matter how complicated your piston rod is, we’ll make it fast and accurate.

Our machinists have at least ten years of experience and are required to attend weekly training. They have an extreme attention to detail and take pride in their work. Pushing buttons and crossing fingers doesn’t exist here. We do the math and follow a proven process.

We Go Above And Beyond

Large compressors run 24/7 until scheduled maintenance. If there’s a failure, money stops coming in.

We understand downtime and do our best to minimize it. Every process, from figuring out the material, coating and heat treatment needed for particular applications, to machining and shipment is handled with detail and speed.

The Final Bit

If it’s going to cost you X amount in downtime every day you’re without a piston rod, why are you waiting?

Contact TCR Inc. Today and we’ll follow our proven process to get it right the first time. Because we know that getting it right the first time means getting you out of downtime.

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