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Why You Need A Smart Machinist

Not far from downtown Houston is a 25,000 square foot machine shop. Inside are rows of manual and CNC mills, lathes, and VTLs. These machines shape metal into the cities most complicated prototypes, short-runs, and big parts. And operating these machines are a different breed of machinists.

Isn’t A Great CNC Programmer Enough?

CNC programmers use CAD or CAM software to create a toolpath for the CNC machine to follow. Therefore, all you need is a great programmer and some mediocre machinists to push buttons and babysit parts. Wrong!

At TCR, every part meets the tightest tolerances and strictest deadlines because we’ve invested in the most talented machinists in our industry. We trust our skilled CNC programmers to create the correct toolpath, but hire machinists with an extreme attention to detail to avoid not only timely, but costly mistakes.

How Smart Machinists Add Value

A CNC programmers’ toolpath may lead to the perfect part on the first job. But just because a job has run before doesn't mean it will run smooth in the future. That’s a Common CNC Myth.

To ensure every job meets its deadline and maintains the tightest tolerances, it’s necessary for a machinist to understand the feeds, speeds, and depths of cut before the part is placed on the work table.

A smart machinist is aware of space. They can keep track of the various axes and anticipate the cuts that need to be made. If something is wrong, skilled machinists are able to save the part and avoid costly delays by making the correct adjustments.

Experience The Difference Yourself

When you order a part from our Sales Manager, you’ll get exactly what you need. Our CNC programmers will draw your part, and the smartest machinists in the industry will ensure it leaves our shop on-time and to exact specifications.

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