ISO 9001:2015 ABS #54215

Why This CNC Machine Shop is Proud of Our Manual Machines

If you have the latest and greatest CNC machine run by a mediocre machinist and manual machine run by a talented machinist, which one will make a better part?

TCR Inc. knows the best machines are worthless without the right person operating them. And even though we continually update our Houston machine shop with new technology, like our new Faro Edge Portable CMM Arm, the manual machines are still used daily.

It’s Where We Started

Kent and I have been friends all our lives. While Kent pursued a career in Marketing and Sales, I went into Manufacturing and Repair of Steam Turbines. We opened TCR Inc. in 1997 and have grown into a good-sized manufacturing shop. We’ve spent decades making turbine parts and honing our skills. They say it takes 10,000 hours to master something, and I believe we’ve put in that time. But it’s not us that make TCR, it’s our family of employees.

We come from the days before programmers made a tool path and machinists hit start and watched. CNC machines have made things easier, but they shouldn’t be used as a crutch.

Your job deserves the attention to detail that can only come from knowing what you’re doing. And the machinists at TCR Inc. do.

They Get The Job Done

Our ISO 9001:2015 ABS #54215 Certified shop continually meets the tightest tolerances and turnarounds because we hire machinist who can bounce between CNC and manual machines.

Some jobs work better on a CNC but others can be machined on a manual machine by the time it takes to write a program.

And Our Machinists Enjoy Them

We hire artistic mathematicians with over ten years of experience. They don’t want to sit around pushing buttons all day. They want to create masterpieces and perfection is their goal.

Our guys meet tighter tolerances in a shorter amount of time because they have pride in their work and understand what downtime is costing you.

Experience how machining should be and Send your orders to TCR!

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