ISO 9001:2015 ABS #54215

CNC Machining: Equipment and Expertise

Quality CNC machining reduces downtime.

When service teams and end users need complicated parts, they trust an ISO 9001:2015 certified machine shop with the latest technology and the most talented machinists; they trust TCR Inc.

Tools of the Trade

Our CNC machine shop uses a variety tools to meet strict tolerances and tight turnarounds including:

CNC Mills

CNC mills rotate a cylindrical cutting tool such as a drill, end mill, face mill, or reamer to create holes, slots, and other shapes. Using an extendable quill, rotating table, or a 4th axis attachment with a chuck, they work in a variety of planes to create intricate parts.

Our shop is capable of drilling, milling, and surfacing parts as big as 98”x 78”x 59”, because we’ve invested in multiple CNC mills.

CNC Lathes

CNC lathes rotate a part against a stationary cutting tool that’s adjusted linearly to shape the part as it spins.

We have vertical lathes capable of turning parts up to 78” in diameter x 60” tall and horizontal lathes capable of turning parts up to 27” diameter x 79” long.

CAD/CAM Software

Both CNC mills and lathes follow toolpaths created using CAD or CAM software. By only hiring smart machinists with over 10 years of experience and using a FARO EDGE Portable CMM Arm, TCR Inc. ensures accurate toolpaths are drawn and followed.

Artisans of the Craft

Understanding the feeds, speeds, and depths of cut truly makes a difference.

Extreme attention to detail and a passion for the craft is how costly mistakes are avoided. Our machinists trust the programs and equipment, but also visualize the parts as they’re being cut to identify any necessary adjustments preemptively.

Value for the Customer

Downtime is expensive, so our machine shop is dedicated to getting it right the first time.

We’ve invested in the best equipment and most talented machinists in the industry because that’s what you deserve.

For quality CNC machining, Contact TCR Inc. Today!

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