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A Knowledgeable Houston Machine Shop

TCR is more than just your run-of-the-mill Houston machine shop. We invest in the smartest and most talented machinists in the industry, give them the tools and the training they need to further improve their skills, and instill in them the ethics that our shop is known for. By finding knowledgeable staff and cultivating their growth, TCR is able to machine the quality that Houston expects.

Starts With Talent

Houston is home to hundreds of machinists but only a select few have the chops to machine the demands our customers expect from TCR. In addition to requiring a minimum of 10 years of experience on manual and CNC mills, lathes, and VTLs, we also require that every machinist has a passion for perfection.

TCR doesn’t hire machinists that settle for mediocre work. We hire the machinist that won’t settle for anything less than exact. And after we find the right talent we give them an environment that provides them with continual growth.

Supported By Training

True knowledge begins with a desire to learn. When you combine talent from all over the United States and sit them in the break room every Tuesday for mandatory training, growth happens.

We invest in our employees so your company can receive a better experience. At the end of the day, everything we do is to help provide our customers with a Houston machine shop they can trust.

Enforced By Ethics

Doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest, but for us it’s the only option. Businesses are built on relationships so our goal is not just to fill your order with the exact part using the knowledge we’ve acquired, but it’s to provide the consistency, support and a service you would recommend.

Contact our Houston Machine Shop and let us get it exact for you.

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