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Why Your Prototype Deserves Our Houston Machine Shop

After countless hours, sleepless nights, and a few too many cups of coffee, the prototype you’ve created is ready to be born. For a job this important, you need a Houston machine shop that only hires experienced machinists, has the necessary equipment to reverse engineer even the most difficult parts, and the attention to detail that ensures quality.

Our Shop Has Talent

Hiring an amateur shop to create a difficult part is a recipe for disaster. If you get your prototype too fast and too cheap there’s a good chance it will be off the mark.

With a minimum of 10 years experience and mandatory weekly trainings, TCR machinists can create any part you can dream up. Our machinists love what they do and have pride in their work. This atmosphere is what enables TCR to produce quality work every time - on time.

Our Shop Has a Portable CMM Arm

Accurate measurements are mandatory when reverse engineering a part or machining a prototype that’s why we have the tools necessary to meet the tolerances you expect. If you’re not willing to settle for close enough, then trust your order to a Houston machine shop you know will deliver.

Working with your budget and timeline, our skilled TCR machinists are able to measure and inspect your part using our state of the art Faro Edge Portable CMM Arm. For parts requiring reverse engineering, the measurements are recorded and your part is drawn accurately using Solidworks to produce a 3d model and 2d drawing. We then work with you to apply tolerances to ensure proper fits and requirements are met before creating the part the way you need.

Our Shop is Built on Service

At TCR each project receives special consideration and our experienced staff of professionals will ensure that we do everything possible to meet your needs.  If you’re uncomfortable sending your prototype to a shop where you’re not a priority, then don’t. You have another option.

TCR is a Houston machine shop that lives by the motto, When it comes to customer service we jump and ask how high on the way up. Big parts or small parts, bulk orders or short-runs, one time customers or lifelong, every order is important and done to exact specifications.

Talk to us about your prototype today.


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