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What Precisely Is Precision?

When you think precision and accuracy, think TCR. Every job that comes through our door is handled by skilled CNC machinists, professional CAD/CAM programmers, and the latest technology to ensure that every part that leaves our shop per drawing and meets all specifications.

It Starts With Our Staff

Talent is certainly a standard requirement, but attitude and attention to detail are just as important when it comes to making good parts and ensuring customer satisfaction. All of our hand-picked machinists and CAD / CAM programmers are seasoned professionals with decades of knowledge that enables them to meet the most demanding orders with accuracy and precision

After we find the perfect machinists, we host weekly trainings to make sure they remain sharp and continue to produce the exact parts you need.

It’s Supported By Our Equipment

Our top talent utilizes both manual and CNC mills, lathes and VTL’s to craft perfection. We have the capability to turn and bore up to 78” in diameter with tolerances as low as ±.0001”.  

In addition to the equipment that we use to make the parts, we also have equipment that ensures quality and accuracy, like our Faro Edge Portable CMM Arm. Whether affixed to our 72” x 60” calibrated granite surface plate, or secured directly to our production equipment with one of our qualified professionals holding the reins, we can accurately measure difficult features to make sure our parts are exact.

It’s Never Ending

Every order, whether it’s for a billion dollar company or a small shop receives the same attention to detail. Every part, whether it’s bulk or short run will be accurate. But most of all, if you come to TCR you can trust that you will get exactly what you need every time.
So, what exactly does precision mean? The term can only be defined by the people behind the promise. It means quality, it means TCR!  Contact us today, and we’ll get it right for you.

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