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Your Space Exploration Machine Shop

Houston is Space City. And our Houston machine shop has the talent, the capabilities and the experience to take your space exploration company to new heights. As leading space exploration companies are racing to innovate, TCR is ready to jump on board and help make history. The following blog highlights why TCR is the right choice.…
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Thanksgiving At A Houston Machine Shop

Thanksgiving is one of TCR’s top 5 holidays. You may wonder what the other 4 are or how our Houston machine shop can go from machining high precision parts one hour to having a proper Thanksgiving celebration the next. Keep reading and we’ll tell you how a real machine shop celebrates Thanksgiving and share with…
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A Knowledgeable Houston Machine Shop

TCR is more than just your run-of-the-mill Houston machine shop. We invest in the smartest and most talented machinists in the industry, give them the tools and the training they need to further improve their skills, and instill in them the ethics that our shop is known for. By finding knowledgeable staff and cultivating their…
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Why Your Prototype Deserves Our Houston Machine Shop

After countless hours, sleepless nights, and a few too many cups of coffee, the prototype you’ve created is ready to be born. For a job this important, you need a Houston machine shop that only hires experienced machinists, has the necessary equipment to reverse engineer even the most difficult parts, and the attention to detail…
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